Debit note in fireTMS

Debit note in fireTMS

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How to issue a debit note in fireTMS

fireTMS gives you the option of issuing a debit note. To do this, go to Accounting >> Sales >> Debit notes >> New debit note. You then need to select one of the available options: Remark from the template (allows you to prepare a note based on the selected template) or Empty debit note (allows you to create a note to which you can add any items). To use the first option, you can use the default generated templates or prepare your own Debit note template. You will find out exactly how to do this later in this article.

Empty debit note

The empty note allows you to create a new, unfilled debit note. To do this, in the first step you need to go to Accounting >> Sales >> Debit notes >> New debit note field Empty debit note and click Select. A new New debit note window will appear on the screen, where all mandatory fields must be completed, including the Reason for the claim, its Amount and Currency. Additionally, you can add a comment, which will be visible on the printout of the note. Once you have entered all the data, confirm your selection using the Ok button.

A new Debit note tab will then open, where all the debit information will be visible. Here, you can verify the pre-print preview of the note and the previously entered data and select the loads, orders or invoices associated with the note. Finally, click on the Issue button.

The system will display a message where you can confirm your selection by pressing the Ok button.

The debit note issued will be visible in Accounting >> Sales >> Debit notes >> All debit notes and on the Issued debit notes list.

Debit note template

The Debit Note Template is worth using if you have recurring settlements. To create a new template, go to Accounting >> Sales >> Debit notes >> New debit note >> Templates and select the Add button.

A new window will then appear in which Basic information such as Name and Debit note currency must be filled in as the first step. In addition, there is the option to Associate the note with another object (load, order or invoice). To do this, the user should tick the appropriate checkbox, which is located below Associate the note with another object. Tags can also be assigned to the template to quickly find the required information. You can read more about tags in our blog article.

In the second step, you need to go to the Note items tab. Here you need to specify the Note reason, Amount and Description. To do this, simply click on the Add button, complete all fields, and finally confirm Ok.

Remarks to notes can be added to the prepared template (on the printout) and Documents can be attached, e.g. a scan of a customer order, invoice or CMR document.

In the final step, the completed Debit note template should be saved by clicking the Ok button.

To issue a note based on a prepared template, simply go to Accounting >> Sales >> Debit notes >> New debit note >> Remark for template field and click Select.

Next, you need to select Issuer, Recipient and Template and proceed in the same way as for the Empty note.

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